Meet SHPE’s 2020-2021 Executive Board!

President – Eduardo Gomez

“Hi, my name is Eduardo Gomez, I am the President for SHPE. I am currently in my senior year studying ISE and my dream job would be managing a major political campaign. I chose ISE because it develops a wide skill set that is applicable to many different jobs but still a valued degree. Outside of school and SHPE, I enjoy hiking, running, traveling, and spending time with my amazing family and friends.”

Vice President – Luis Espirituoso

“Hello, I am a senior studying Computer Engineering. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and in New York. I live in Yonkers. My hobbies are singing and listening to many different rhythms and musical genres. My musical taste varies from power metal to afrobeat. A fun fact about myself: My last name means Holy Spirit.”

Treasurer – Sara Figueroa

“Hi my name is Sara Figueroa and I am the Treasurer for the Binghamton Chapter of SHPE. I am a senior in Computer Engineering. I am looking to be a FullStack engineer. Outside of SHPE, I am the Public Relations Chair of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. On my downtime I like to sing and play piano.”

Corporate Relations – Gustavo Riquelme

“I’m Gustavo Riquelme, a junior industrial systems engineering student who comes from a Paraguayan family. I chose to study engineering because I want to work on things which improve the quality of life of others. After college I hope to work in healthcare systems.”

Graduate Advisor – Mark Castellanos

“Hello, I am Mark Catsellanos. I’m a first year Masters student. My major is mechanical engineering. My family immigrated from Mexico and I grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. I’ve chosen to study mechanical engineering because I’ve always had a natural curiosity of how things worked. After graduate school I would like to go into research and development. One of my favorite hobbies is cooking and eating afterwards of course.”

Academic/Professional Chair – Elenora Recio

“My name is Eleonora Recio and I’m a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This is my second year on SHPE’s eboard, and I currently serve as the Academic/Professional Chair. I am Long Island, NY but I originally immigrated from Caracas, Venezuela at a young age. Having had the opportunity to live in a different country, learn a new language and culture, and educate myself at Binghamton University, I consider myself to be very fortunate. I want to give back to and continue helping underrepresented students, particularly students of color and women.”

Internal Outreach – Ashley Ramos

” Hi, my name is Ashley Ramos and I am a sophomore studying biomedical engineering on a pre med track. I am half Guatemalan on my dad’s side and a mix of european on my mom’s side. In my free time, I enjoy being outside, working at Starbucks, skiing, and hanging out with friends. The reason I decided to be an engineer is because I always loved math and science and I am more of a problem solver than a reader. This year for SHPE, I hold the position of Internal Outreach Chair and have many goals to try to expand the club and make it more known. SHPE means a lot to me because it is a place where I can grow as a person, be myself, and make long-lasting friendships.”

External Outreach – Jason Ocampo

“Hello! My name is Jason Ocampo, and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science. I’m SHPE’s External Outreach Chair, so getting involved with the community is my main priority. I love playing Soccer and watching a whole bunch of Movies. Being from a Central American background, I hope to provide other minorities the opportunity to find their success in the future. I know this year SHPE will surely accomplish that goal!”

Secretary – Adam Attia

” Hey! My name is Adam Attia, I’m the Secretary for the Binghamton Chapter of SHPE. I’m a first generation college student and a junior studying Electrical Engineering from Brooklyn, NY. In my free time, I play guitar, collect vinyl, as well as am a brother of Theta Tau. My dream job is probably to work on and research heavy duty lasers. I hope to keep you, the GB, updated and give back to my SHPE Familia.”

Recruitment Chair – Eric Lemus

” Hi, I’m Eric Lemus. I’m a first generation college student, and a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I am one of the two recruitment chairs of SHPE Binghamton. Some of my hobbies include photography, painting, and cooking. SHPE has opened me up to a world of new experiences and as recruitment chair I hope to give back to not only SHPE but the Binghamton community as a whole.”

Recruitment Chair – Daniel Morales

“Hi, my name is Daniel Morales and I’m one of the Recruitment Chairs for SHPE. I’m currently studying electrical engineering. I chose engineering because I like to solve complex problems and I want to help make the world a better place.”

Fundraiser – Josue Lopez

“Hello my name is Josue Lopez, and I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering. I am the Fundraising Chair on the SHPE E-Board, my family is from Mexico. My mom is from the state Chiapas and my dad is from the state of Puebla. Some things I like to do in my off time is hiking and watching anime. I choose my major because I always had a desire to work with computers, learning both hardware and software, so I decided to go for Computer Engineering since it seemed like the major for me. Being apart of SHPE is an amazing experience for me, I have meet so many people that I felt that I would never have met and to attend the conventions that they provide which helps us connect with different companies. I can’t wait to work with everyone this year!”

Public Relations – Malachi Blenman

“Hi, my name is Malachi Blenman and I am the Public Relations Chair for SHPE! I am currently a junior studying Computer Engineering and I am from Brooklyn, NY! As a young Panamanian and Belizean aspiring Engineer, my goal in the future is to create a non-profit that helps low-income minorities gain access to STEM education. In my free time, I’m president of BINGSPACE and an RA on campus. I’m extremely interested in giving back to my community, specifically young Afro- and Afro-Latinx Americans!”

Webmaster – Jason Goncalves

“Hi, my name is Jason Goncalves, and I’m a First-Gen Sophomore student studying Computer Engineering. I’m currently the Webmaster of SHPE Binghamton. My parents are Dominican and Portuguese, making me half and half. I enjoy things like going on long bike rides with friends, singing, and watching anime. I’m thankful for my SHPE familia because meeting them helped me with the college transition during my Freshman Year. I’m excited to see what great things we do this year!”