A Very Filling SHPEsgiving

We hosted our annual SHPEsgiving potluck in the classroom wing and there was nothing that was left untouched. The menu was large and included chicken enchiladas, mac n cheese, rice, arepas, mashed potatoes, an assortment of chips, dips, desserts and more! Luckily, everyone came with an empty stomach and was ready to eat!

The room was filled with smiles laughter the aroma of good food, as well as stories and experiences from this semester. We all had an amazing time, and although SHPEsgiving was our last general body meeting for the semester, we look forward to keeping in contact with every single one of our members over the break and strengthen our bonds next semester!

On a serious note, with Thanksgiving being the official start of the holiday season, it’s important to be thankful for everything that you have. There’s someone that’s in a less-fortunate position hoping to have the things you are complaining about. You truly never know what someone may really be going through at home, work or school, especially during the holiday season. Hence, why our emphasis on familia is so strong and important. Keeping a positive, welcoming, and stress-free space to just enjoy one another’s company was truly the objective of having SHPEsgiving and we definitely accomplished that!

With finals around the corner, the Executive Board wishes all of our members good luck on their exams and projects; as well as safe, stress-free, and enjoyable winter break!

SHPE Fall 2020 Recap

By Jason Goncalves & Jason Ocampo


Both our Networking Academy event and Navigating Virtual Recruitment with PwC event led us to be prepared when our National Conference arrived. From both of these events, we learned how to more effectively stand out from the crowd when at Virtual Networking events. Some of the takeaways were being able to dress to impress, asking great questions, and simply being yourself and letting your personality shine through. Through these events, those of us that attended SHPE Nationals felt well prepared to meet with recruiters, learn more about their companies, and secured that bag.

Mental Wellness

 Though we do strive to aid in the professional development of our members, we also take importance towards our general body’s mental health. For example, we learned how to get better organized through our bullet journal event, while also gaining a better understanding of how to stay on top of all your work. And with our Let’s Manifest event, we learned how to set better attainable goals to help propel ourselves in the right direction. A special de-stressor event we held was our FIFA eSport Soccer Tournament, held over at Lecture Hall 1. Students were able to come in person (with Covid protocols being enforced, of course) and went head-to-head in a bracket-style elimination tournament. The winner received a prize of the UEFA Euro 2020 soccer ball for their outstanding performance.

Additional Activities

Covid has brought many obstacles in our path, but none so big that we couldn’t overcome. Through the Fall semester, we continued to organize extracurricular activities that our members could become part of and take something out of as well. Our UV Sanitation Project sought to create a bacterial sterilizer for smartphones. This project was not only timely due to the ongoing pandemic, but utilized the many different backgrounds and skills our members had. The Nature Preserve event brought members together with the goal of cleaning up the preserve so that its visitors may enjoy it to the fullest. SHPE’s focus is on the community as a whole, not students alone. We continued towards that mission with SHPE Jr., our afterschool program for high schoolers in the Binghamton and Johnson City Area. SHPE Jr. aspires to motivate and educate the youth through informational presentations and STEM-focused projects.